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Why I do this

Always loved to do something by hands. Being a cycle fan, I understood that bicycle tuning is not enough for me. So I organized workshop to be able to make classic cycles or unique machines.

Love to do this, and to see how other people happy to ride my cycles.

Ukraine has all conditions for making high-tech carbon fiber bicycles. We have very strong engineering school here. First carbon fiber bicycles in Ukraine were made on late 80's on Antonov airplane serial plant. And they won world track championship in mid 90's. Then were banned by UCI, because big manufacturers couldn't switch to such advanced techniques and designs.

I'm sure, that these possibilities have to be used. I see myself as a bikebuilding driver, creating not only workshops, but also the whole infrastructure for custom bicycle making in Ukraine.

Carbon fiber as a material

Carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic is a mix of epoxy resin and carbon fibers. Unique quality is in mix of such characteristics like: strength, rigidity, vibrational damping, fatigue resistance, low weight. Exact characteristics depend on technologies used, fibers orientation, type of resin.

Using carbon fiber gives us possibility to make bicycle frame 50-100% lighter than steel one, or 30-80% than high-quality alloy.

Major advantage in using carbon fiber for making bicycle frame - we can make it flexible in one dimension and rigid in other. Just where it's needed, according to type of bicycle, and physique of cyclist. You can ride with more comfort, but still fast and efficient.

Manufacturing techniques

Our every bike is an individuality.

First we determine a type of bicycle, parts and characteristics needed. We make model, that fits cyclist's weight and measurements.

Our technologies are flexible to use modern standards, but we don't forget about old proved solutions. Next, we choose grade of fibers. Production processes are situated in Kiev, Ukraine. I use cnc filament winding and automated filament placement to make carbon fiber tubes. Some frame parts and some frame types (monocoque) are made from prepregs in molds, using pressure and high temperature. We also use resin transfer molding and vacuum-bagging, when needed.

All materials are approved for use in aerospace and sport industries.

For frames, made by tube-to-tube technique we make assemble on a jig. Frame goes to post-curing after assembling.

Quality control is a must for every frame.

After that goes decoration, marking, packing and shipping to you.

What we do

Carbon fiber tubes and components for bicycle framebuilders, aviation, sporting. We use our own made cnc filament placement machine. That gives a possibility to make any angle of layering. From 0 to 90 degrees. All angles are positioned in one winding session. Fibers are tensioned and compressed.

Custom carbon fiber frames and forks with individual geometry for amateur or pro-sport usage. Creating unique types of bicycles in cooperation with famous engineers and designers.

What types of frames we make


Tim Crossman custom carbon fiber singlespeed cyclocross

Minivelo (was on NAHBS 2016)

Tim Crossman custom carbon fiber minivelo




Hardtail mtb

Frame price using standard options: 1500$ with delivery.
You get:
Carbon fiber frame with custom geometry. Weight 1000-1300grams (depends on size and options). Standard options:

Additional options (affect price):

As you can see, a lot of options available. I'll help you to make right choice. Also, whole build can be done. As a bicycle producer I get components for better prices.

Most of other types of frames can be made.

How to order

Everyone has his own formula of an "ideal bicycle".

Major part in development is determining your requirements to bicycle. We have to know what discipline do you prefer, what loads will be. We take all neded measurements (can be done distantly). Also, we can use your professional bikefit profile.

If you have your wishes about frame geometry, we can take them into work, but without lack in safety. In some cases we can totally make frame by your own drawings.

We also adopt frame to components, that you plan to use, or make full recommendation list for components. As a bike-builder we have good prices for bicycle parts.

Be free to tell about your vision of desirable bicycle:

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Standard warranty - five years.

Humidity and ultraviolet don't affect lifespan.


We ship worldwide. Shipping cost for tubes depends on a size of order.

Delivery of frames and bicycles to most countries is free.

Pricing and payment options

Price of bicycle or frame depends on components, options, geometry, size and other parameters.

After determining all requirements we fix exact price.

50% prepay (in a convenient form). 50% is payed after order is ready.

Time needed for making a frame

From 2 weeks to 3 months. Depends on season and difficulty of exact model.

Wish you have great rides!

Tim Crossman

тел.: +380952510207
skype: timur-armo