Bicycle tubes

Tubes for bicycle framebuilders. Worldwide delivery.

Request form and list of tube sizes (Excel spreadsheet)

If Excel request form is not handy for you, just mail me few words about your project, and I will make a proposal.

Please inform me if you use temperatures higher than 100C in your manufacturing process. I will use high Tg resin (120C) in this case.

Tubes must be clearcoated, for UV protection and really awesome shiny look.

Please, reinforce all clamping areas and bottleholder mount holes by at least of 2 layers of 200g/sqm 3K fabric.

Warranty period for tubes is the same that you will give for the whole frame.

Please be ready to 0,2-0,3 tolerance for outer diameter due to specific of filament winding process.

Tubes customizations can be discussed.



Can be made flat. Just mail me your .dxf drawing.

Available types:


  • AISI304 (stainless steel) – 20-25$


  • Alloy 7075 – 25-30$,
  • carbon fiber 35-60$