Workshop closed

By this day Tim Crossman Composites doesn’t take new orders on carbon fiber tubes and parts. All placed orders will be completed. Guarantee and support for existing customers stays valid as discussed. Workshop rental is cheap enough for me to use it as a playground and service point for some period of time. In case of my relocation I plan to have small workshop anyway, since it is the best sort of hobby that I ever had.

From the beginning of my project I was amazed by support from composites and bicycle industry people. I would like to thank to all people that gave me advice, help, support and orders. Thank you.

Tim Crossman Composites mostly self-funded. It was a great challenge to create one-man-factory. And I am very proud that a lot of people all around the world use tubes and constructions that have been made in my workshop.

Always tried to do my best, especially when I didn’t know how to do something. Day by day I was putting all possible efforts to create something valuable, creative and interesting. Filament winding, CNC works, CAD, g-coding, framebuilding, bicycle repairs, sales, supplies, trainings, prepregs, inflatable bladders, closed molds, silicone pads, vacuum bagging, compression molding, EPS molding, laminating, casting and many more things where really exiting, and still a lot of ideas left in notes. I can treat this project as one the most intensive and valuable experience in my life.

Doing business in Ukraine is getting worth, and I end up closing because of obstacles that I cannot overcome. Sorry.

With love to all involved people.